Wednesday, June 10, 2009


(the sun and rain)

the echos of distant thunders
the call of distant wind
life pours bold and generous
till it turned a wriggling stream

the sun beat down on that rock
the crowd hail and exalt
the joruney starts a step by step
life starts a golden dream

what are we searching for,
when lift our sight and stars covered us
how do we know
everything, the fate had planned us

trail leads ahead, answers regardless
heart is taken by courage, life by faith
while walking the walk, bridging the waters
dream is winged, hope, the feathers

we treaded far under heavens
our steps deep and longing
solace was found in true others
our hearts joy and belonging

when time will find us
standing on the end and begin
pilgrim clouds to where sun has faded
and another bout with its grim announcing

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